Birth is one of the most important days of your life and it deserves to be remembered in great details. It is a sacred and transformative experience that should leave parents feeling strong and empowered. Its is my deepest honor to document these stories. Stories of tenderness between partners, of strength you didn't know you possessed, of a love greater than any.

Dad holding his newborn daughter and kissing her cheek

This year I am working towards building my portfolio in my birth work. Offering discounted rates for model released signed births.


-Free consultation - over coffee, at the playground, over the phone, text, whatever works for you.

- on-call starting at 37/38 weeks.

-Professional back-up photographer lined up in the case that I am at another birth when active labor begins

-We will stay in touch and arrive during active labor, or when you are ready for me to be there, I would rather a false alarm than miss anything.

-Will stay typically 2 hours postpartum to capture first latch, meeting siblings/family, etc.

-Up to 100 edited images

-Password protected online viewing gallery where you can download digital images

-Books, prints and more are available through our gallery website.


Flexible payment plans available upon request (please contact me for details).