There are many location options for your family photo session. A studio, a lovely park, lake, or, my favorite, in your own home. There are many pros and cons to all of these session locations, but I have a deep love for in-home photography.

your kids will be more comfortable in their own space

Kids absolutely love showing off their rooms, their favorite toys, their new baby sibling, their pet, their favorite book. You get the picture. Kids feel empowered in their own homes and it gives me something to bond with them over before I pick up my camera.

Do you want to go barefoot? Snuggle with your babies in your bed? There’s something about being in your own space that really helps you let your guard down and enables me to capture your family as they truly are. I want to capture the real you. What better place to do this than in your own home.

it's easy

With an in-home session, you don’t really need to plan ahead. Sure you might want to tidy up a bit. At home, you will have everything you need. All I really need is some window light and your loves to make some magic.

it's intimate

What better place to capture skin to skin, gaze at one another, and really be together than your own home? My sessions often include nudity, let’s face it, kids love to be free, and maternity sessions involve a lot of skin. I strive to capture connections, love, and vulnerability and I have found, the best place to let your guard down is in your own home.

we can create a story of your daily life

Do you ever feel like you don’t know what to do in pictures? We can incorporate your family’s favorite activities into your shoot. Documenting and creating family legacy is another one of my goals for each session. This is our opportunity to create these memories into your family albums for generations to come.