As Fort Worth, Texas newborn lifestyle photographer, there is something so intimate and amazing about sessions in client homes. I have found that everyone feels relaxed and at ease. Remembering back to my own newborn mom days, it’s tough to get everyone out the door sometimes. This connective style of photography allows for a truly laid back, personal experience. One of the reasons I love newborn lifestyle photography so much is because there is zero pressure for the baby to be anything other than who they are. Asleep? Awake? Hungry? Wanting to be held? We can do it all. It’s a very laid back, emotive experience. There are no expectations for baby to stay asleep or perform. Another element to me that separates me from other newborn photographers is that I prefer to think of the sessions as postpartum sessions. With traditional newborn sessions, photographers often want babies to be less than two weeks old. Their natural sleepiness allows them to be posed more easily and they are less likely to become fussy during the shoot. However, I strongly believe that self-care comes before photography. So often I find that new parents are not emotionally or physically ready for photographs until baby is a bit older. Additionally, sometimes babies have health needs and may need extra time in a hospital. I’m the photographer for families who require more time to adjust to life with baby. I have no time restraints on when newborn sessions must occur and, honestly, I love documenting babies who are awake. Thinking about awake babies and big siblings who might be crawling around…it’s okay if they cry. It’s okay if your older child needs time to adjust during our session. Crying babies and toddlers who do their own thing—it’s real life. Your life is beautiful even in the crazy and I love capturing all moments, peace-filled or chaotic, because they tell the story of You. And you deserve to be seen exactly how you are.

Baby swaddled up during a newborn session
window light coming in shining on newborn babies face

One concern I often hear from other photographers is that the photography market is over saturated, making business highly competitive. However, I believe that there is a right photographer for each person wanting photographs. As incredibly unique individuals, we each carry our own specific set of personalities, styles and ways of capturing memories. Someone could be highly skilled, yet their personalities don't mesh well with their clients', the experience will not be great for anyone involved. So, in effort to help you get to know me as a person and a photographer, I want you to know more about me.

First and probably most important element to me is that I am highly relational. I genuinely want to know you and I genuinely will care for you. During your session, I would love to hear about your birth. If it was an incredible experience for you—gush all about it and I will celebrate with you. If it was challenging, I will hold space for your words. I want to hear your story as it unfolded. My heart, my hand, my arms are yours if you need love or an embrace. Before I began working as a professional photographer, I started as a birth doula and a student enrolled into Mercy In Action Midwifery. People often thought that I got into birth work for the sweet babies, yet, the truth is, I got into the work for the mothers. I believed that every woman deserves support. I also believe that women are stronger than they realize. As I served women time and time again, I am in awe of the birth process and how it truly transforms women into moms. It is the most beautiful story to watch unfold. I wanted to support and love on expecting and new moms. As a newborn and postpartum photographer, this desire remains. So if you’re experiencing difficulties during your fourth trimester, I will listen to your concerns. If I’m able to direct you to supportive resources, I will.

If you think I’m the photographer for you, let's connect I can’t wait to meet you!