What your photography session will be like with Lauren Cerna

Your story isn't just your birth. It's your growing baby, your beautiful stretch marks, your loose skin, your tiny blemishes, your messy hair, your deep blue veins. I want to help remove the stigma around women's body's and help mother's out there embrace the skin they're in. I want to document it all. Motherhood is raw, amazing and forever changes you. Every bond you share with another and within yourself will shift. These sessions are intimate and will show you your true self. I create emotional and honest imagery of each one of these stages; starting with pregnancy, followed by new life and your family's stories. A time to immortalize your beautiful pregnancy, a time to honor your early postpartum days or perhaps a time to document your unwavering bond with your child. They are all essential to the healing process and the enjoyment a mother experiences. I am not the right photographer for everyone. Part of my service to you is to find the true and intimate connections in each of the relationships you hold within yourself and your loved ones. I partner with families who know they are not looking for a posed session. Every session is client led with no heavy posing. This is the time to to be present and to truly feel the moments you are sharing with your loved ones.